My name is Adam, and I strive to be the most knowledgeable and helpful automotive appearance specialist in the area.

Many people are concerned with keeping their vehicles looking showroom new. That’s for good reason, as your vehicle is a large investment.

Here at OCDetailing LLC, we pride ourselves not just on providing top tier detailing and auto. appearance services, but also educating our clients on exactly what we use, how we use it, and how it works.

With 30 years of combined experience, the team here at OCDetailing can evaluate any vehicle, give an honest answer/quote, and tell you why.

We have everything to offer.

Paint correction is key before a Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coatings seal in any imperfections, so we use a hand wash, clay bar treatment, chemical decontamination, 3-5 stage paint correction (with non-polymer based compounds), again use a body shop safe wipe down, and finally apply the 5 year, 10H hardness ceramic coating. These types of coatings come with a true warranty. We have been researching the newest and best coatings for your vehicle and we know how to apply them.

Ceramic Coatings are just the start.

We offer everything from a simple, (and safe) hand wash, to full interior details. Our interior details include carpet shampooing (extracting) with 3 MyTee GP100’s. This extractor uses 200 degree water, and the suction of about 4 shop vacuums combined. The key to shampooing carpets though, is the detail technician.

Our team here at OCDetailing is skilled, experienced and well trained to make sure even the worst stains come out.

The plastic on the interior needs to be cleaned with a pH balanced cleaner to avoid fading or staining. (Yes, we did that research as well.)

We always use professional grade chemicals, and we know the science behind them. After cleaning, we coat the plastic with a UV resistant vinyl dressing.(Not you’re Walmart grade Armor All.) If you have leather seats, we follow a similar process, using specifically identified leather cleaners and conditioners.

Every chemical we try or use, every employee is required to read the entire instruction manual, the MSDS, and report to me when and where we can use said chemical. We then use it on one of our personal cars and come to a collective conclusion as to if it is safe, efficient and long lasting.

We have worked on everything from 48 foot boats, Semi-Trucks, Fire trucks, biological waste vehicles to stolen and repossessed vehicles.

If you have any issue with your vehicle’s appearance, please give us a call. Our vast network of connections from auto sales, window tinting, ceramic coatings, aftermarket parts and accessories and more provides a one stop shop to solve all of your issues.

We will professionally clean anything you can transport to our shop at 614 S. Green Bay Rd. in Neenah Wi. 

For a travel fee, we will even come to you.

We always go the extra mile to make sure we make your vehicle, boat, R.V. or ATV/Snowmobile/Jetski look brand new. And we will always tell you why.

The bottom line is, if your need, car washing, car detailing, paint correction, buffing, ceramic coating, wheel cleaning, or anything automotive, give OCDetailing LLC a call.


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