Have you ever gone to one of those car wash places that offer “Special” for inside and out? Then, when you drive away, you roll down you window a bit and the edge of the window is covered in smudges? Or, you look down and while the loose salt had been vacuumed, the carpet and mat were still hard, crusty, and looked dirty?

There is a difference between a carwash and automotive detailing. Detailing a car in the wintertime is one of the most important thing you could do for the interior of your vehicle. At OCDetailing, located in Grand Chute, by the Fox River Mall, we not only clean the entire window, including the edges, we remove that crusted salt and dirt from your carpets. Most people think springtime is when to have a car detailed, and while that is true, it is also important to take care of summer grime to restore the interior of your car before it gets to the point of no return. OCDdetailing provides full and complete detailing services for one price. This price includes engine (if you choose), full interior carpet, vinyl, headliner, upholstery, and leather deep cleaning, including the trunk. In addition, the exterior is washed, waxed, and buffed, tires and rims cleaned and shined, all chrome cleaned and shined. We cover every inch of your vehicle to ensure it is clean! Detailing is the only way to preserve the look, smell, and feel of a clean vehicle that looks like new!

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We also offer chip and scratch repair!

Cover those unsightly white paint chips on your front bumper, or have that scuff on your back bumper touched up at OCDetailing LLC the next time you have your car detailed!

Our Automotive paint chip and scratch repair prices:

Set-Up Fee: $50.00 (Covers the cost of ordering paint specific to your vehicle.)

Hourly Rate: $5.00 (Most jobs take 1-3 hours.)

Call today with questions or to schedule your automotive chip and scratch repair or automotive detailing appointment today!

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