Everyone in the Fox valley is looking to have their vehicle enhanced. During winter, every vehicle should be detailed. This will protect and maintain your car’s dynamic visual appearance.

Both inside and out, OCDetailing LLC will make your vehicle look like new. We offer a clay bar treatment, hand wash, hand wax and machine buffing/paint correction.  Almost any scratch you have can be removed with the right skills.

As for the interior of your vehicle, we will go through the inside with an air gun, a professional carpet extractor and multiple skilled detail technicians.

The entire process takes between 5 and 7 hours and is very intricate. Many other car washes and self serve car cleaning places are lacking the ability to take the time and consideration to treat your vehicle as it was their own. At OCDetailing LLC we go above and beyond for car washing, car cleaning, interior cleaning carpet shampooing, exterior paint correction, machine buffing, automobile waxing and ever total detail package that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

We have various tools that no other Automotive detailing company has.

We offer winter specials and deals! We work hard to provide the highest quality automotive detail packages and anything that with improve your auto.

Everyone needs their auto. cleaned or washed

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