At OCDetailing LLC we do everything we can to provide people of the Fox Valley, Green Bay and Oshkosh the best professional automotive detailing possible. From the highest quality detailing chemicals, to the best carpet cleaning equipment, we invest the time and money to make sure your detail package is the BEST it can possibly be.

We research new techniques and methods to ensure your carpets are shampooed, cleaned and stain free when you get your vehicle back. We use tornador tools to blast dirt and dust from the cracks of your dash and the corners of the cupholders.

Auto. detailing is far more than a simple car wash. For the exterior of your vehicle, it is important that you regularly remove salt, brake dust and tar to protect and maintain your paint job.

We use a clay bar to remove old wax, drake dust and light scratches every time we wash a vehicle.

A simple car wash also does not provide you with the piece of mind that your doors and locks won’t freeze up. We blow out all of your locks and door components to make sure your car is clean, dry and protected after it is detailed at OCDetailing LLC.

Call today to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle detailed today.


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