Want a clean car/truck/van for the Easter holiday?  OCDetailing, of the Fox Valley, offers full auto details which will make your car look, smell and feel new!!  OCDetailing, of the Fox Valley, offers different packages for whatever your needs may be, interior, exterior, buffing, window tinting, and more!! Prices are very reasonable and the lowest for detailing, in the Fox Valley!  The quality of work is the highest in the Fox Valley!  We offer a 100% guarantee for your satisfaction and take pride in our attention to the needs of our customer! Call or stop by today to purchase a great gift idea for someone! Going on a trip for the Spring Break?  Start out with a beautiful, freshly detailed auto, by using OCDetailing of the Fox Valley.  The leader in automotive detailing, OCDetailing cleans every inch of your vehicle, inside and outside!  It’s nice to start a trip with a beautiful, freshly cleaned car! Or, it’s nice to have you auto cleaned when you return! OCDetailing, of the Fox Valley, is the highest quality automotive detailing shop in the Fox Valley, and is the most inexpensive!  We take very good care to make sure your interior, including floor carpets, upholstery, and headliner is the cleanest and freshest looking it can be. We clean every crack and crevice, all vinyl, leather, and plastic.  The quality of work done by OCDetailing is of great pride for the owners and their reputation is outstanding. Call now to schedule your best detailing experience! Call (920) 345-6040

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