Do you have that one friend or family member that is hard to buy for? Do they loved their vehicle but don’t have the time to maintain their car? You wont have to look very long for that special gift that will make them happy, because one of the many things that OCDetailing LLC offers is Gift Certificates!

Just stop in Monday Thru Friday between 9:00AM and 5:00PM and get the Gift Certificate that will fit your family member the most. You can get one for our Interior Protection Package all the way to our Showroom Shine Package. The only services that can not be bought for as a gift certificate is Window Tinting.

We do not just detail Cars, Trucks, Vans, or SUVs. We also detail Motorcycles, Boats, RVS, as well as classic cars/trucks.

The only thing we ask is that when you are on your way to the shop is to give us a call at (920) 345-6040, an email at, or end us a facebook message. The reason we ask that is so we can make sure that we are around the shop and not delivering any vehicles to one of the dealerships that we work with.

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