Throughout the winter months, we generally see our automobile as not a means of transportation, but also as a safe haven from the bone chilling cold, sloppy slushy mess and chunks of salt that coat everything.

Your vehicle won’t stand up to the wear and tear of winter without a detail from OCDetailing LLC.

Having your vehicle detailed removes the jagged salt particles from your carpet, avoiding premature carpet wear.

Wax your vehicle at OCDetailing LLC and prevent the light scratching that will show up on your car in the spring.

Using an automatic car wash is never a good option for a car that is covered in salt. Touchless car washes or soft touch car washes rub brushes on your car to remove salt or blast it off with high power pressure washers.

This leaves unsightly scratches in your automotive finish.

A buff from OCDetailing LLC can restore the shine to your vehicle’s finish if you have already used multiple soft touch car washes.

The high quality detail you get from OCDetailing LLC will avoid the pitfalls of the cheaper or quicker alternatives to a full, high quality, professional automotive detail package from OCDetailing LLC.

Our automotive detail packages include more than most other places, for less!

All work is done by professional detail technicians, not minimum wage employees or hobbyists detailing cars as a side job.

We are fully insured and guarantee our work 100%

Automotive detailing is the best at OCDetailing LLC.

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