In Wisconsin, everyone knows that the salty, wet roads can cause a vehicle to slowly rot away due to rust. Small chips or gouges in your paint can leave exposed metal vulnerable to bubbling paint, paint flaking off and eventually progressive rusting of the body panels on your vehicle.

Most vehicles start rusting along the lower runners or the bottom of the doors due to the high amount of water and salt that comes in contact with the paint and metal.

At OCDetailing, we have a solution to the Rust issue. For a fraction of the cost of a body shop, we prep the surfaces to be coated, remove all rust and rebuild the vehicle’s body panel to ensure a long lasting stock appearance.

We don’t stop there. After rebuilding and priming your vehicle’s previously rusted panel, we use a commercial grade undercoating to protect against any future rust problems. This coating is guaranteed for 15 years, does not scratch, and is available in any color!

Next time you stop in at OCDetailing to have your car detailed, your windows tinted or to pick up your WeatherTech accessories, ask us how we can help you address the rust issues on your vehicle!

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