Now that Summer has come to an end time to call to get your beloved vehicle into the shop to be cleaned, detailed, or 3-stage buffed before the winter comes in full force. Not sure where we are located? Have no worries, we are about 5 minutes away from the Fox River Mall and Bergstrom on Victory Lane. We are also near Steins Garden and Gifts, Menards, and the New Costco. Some of the Services we offer are: Full Interior and Exterior Details, Interior/Exterior Only Details, 3-Stage Machine Buffs, and Headlight Restoration. We also Detail Boats and R.V.’s but we ask that you bring it down to the shop for a quote so that we can give the correct price that will benefit you as well as the shop. We can’t do Boats over 36′ and R.V.’s we can do outside but can only do that when it is Spring-End of Summer as the garage space is only so big and some R.V.’s won’t fit in the Stall.

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