Winter is here! And along with it, slush, salt and dirt from the outside that is traveling into you car and getting ground into your carpets.  OCDetailing of the Fox Valley can help with the winter crud that gets in your vehicle.  Bring your car in today to get a jump on the salt buildup that can harden into your carpets.  We can get it out along with all the other winter affects.  It’s important to keep up with the damage winter can do to your vehicle.  OCDetailing of the Fox Valley can keep your car looking and feeling fresh and new all year ‘round! OCDetailing of the Fox Valley has the highest quality work in the Fox Valley and has competitive prices! We work hard to guarantee your satisfaction! Please stop in today or call (920) 345-6040 to schedule an appointment and allow us to show you how good your car can look in the winter!  We look forward to doing business with you! Merry Christmas!

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