Fall is one of the best times to have your vehicle detailed. Whether you would like a total detail package to enhance your vehicle, or if you would just like a quick exterior wash and wax to protect your paint for the winter, OCDetailing LLC is the place to come.

We offer complete detail packages including;

Interior only, exterior wash only, exterior wash and buff and complete detail packages which include all of our services in one for the best deal!

Many people tend to run their vehicle through PDQ or another self serve car wash, but this can often mar your paint and make your vehicle look hazy or dull.

The only safe way to wash your car is to use a car wash formulated to clean and protect your paint correctly.

Using a clay bar, we carefully strip old wax, brake dust and any other contaminants from your vehicles paint.

We then use state of the art automotive waxes and polishes to buff the vehicle. During this process we use up to 2 different machine buffers, 4 different buffing pads and 4 different buffing compounds.

As for your interior, the only way to disinfect and completely clean your vehicle’s fabric surfaces is to use a machine that heats up to over 200 degrees.

Our hot water carpet extractor ensures that your vehicle will have it’s floors and carpets extracted, the fabric seats extracted and the floor mats extracted.


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